About Kindred Clubhouse

Kindred Clubhouse Inc. is a non-profit organisation focused on mental health support.

Founded in 2016 to provide individuals with mental illness access to a safe, welcoming space, Kindred Clubhouse aims to create a strong community, network of support, and lasting friendships with access to employment and education opportunities.

A community-based centre located in Frankston on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Kindred Clubhouse operates in-line with the internationally recognised Clubhouse model - an evidence based model for mental health recovery. Learn more about the Clubhouse model here or read our Clubhouse information series.

Kindred Clubhouse is run by and for our members this means members work side-by-side, as peers and partners, with the staff to run every function of our Clubhouse.

My father passed away when I was fifteen years old. He was an amazing man but like so many, suffered from depression and alcohol dependence. As a result, he lost his job, friends, self-esteem and sadly his life. 

Mental illness and substance abuse touch each of us in one way or another. Therefore, it’s up to us as a community to provide hope and break down the stigma attached to these chronic health conditions.
— Stefanie Poole, Kindred Clubhouse Board President